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Buying a new office printer: A TCS Guide

So who sent you with the task to go shopping for an office printer? We know that the whole printing thing can be a bit of a puzzle for many, because even as an everyday office staple, an old trusted printer will always fall to the back of your mind. That is until, you have the stress of buying a new one. Or your toner cartridges run out!
You can trust that printing is in the front of our minds always, after all, someone has to keep the office ink ready and running!
But just like buying a new puppy, getting a new printer will give you the same unbearable excitement, the impatient feeling of wanting to bring it home straight away, and the hard work of not understanding them at first. But you get there in the end, and they become part of the (office!) family. Well, This office printer guide will make your life easier than buying a new puppy, and whoever left you in charge of this operation will be nothing but impressed.

The best TCS tips for buying an office printer


Your Printer’s Monthly Duty Cycle

What is a printer’s monthly duty cycle? It’s basically the amount of pages that your printer is able to print a month to its highest quality and without breaking down.
Depending on the size of your business, you will need to ensure that your printer can supply the best monthly duty cycle. Depending on your sector, size, and printing habits, your printer and your business will have a particular monthly duty cycle. So what do we advice? Here is a brief guide:
Small business printer monthly duty cycle: 20,000 pages / month
Medium business printer monthly duty cycle: 70,000 pages / month
Big business printer monthly duty cycle: 120,000 pages / month
Each business will vary depending on differing factors*. A good way of determining your ideal duty cycle, you can count the number of prints per employee in a month, and ensure that your duty cycle can meet those demands. Also keep in mind any emergency printing, mistakes, and misprinting.

What functions does the printer need?

Printers are different when it comes to what they are capable of doing, which is why it’s very important to understand what your office needs. These options are some of the best advised for an office printer:

  • Monochrome printers – these are printers that can only print in one colour, which would normally be black and white, and are often faster and can produce more than colour printers.
  • Printers that print in colour – they do what it says, and can print all colours!
  • Inkjet printers – these are typically used in the home and print with inkjets, as opposed to toner cartridges.
  • The “All in one” printer – which will have printing, scanning, and copying capabilities, making it ideal for an office environment.
  • Laser printers – which are typically used for office settings, are particularly good for printing large amounts of text.


The speed and cost

A big factor when deciding on an office printer is the speed of printing. Because even when you think it’s acceptable to have a slow printer, standing over the printer when you’re printing a 40 page report, or 50 colour charts, you want to be the person that gets them in on time. In other words, the office superhero.

Once you have established what kind of printer would suit your office best, it is essential to make sure you know the cost of the ink or toner needed for it. Lucky for offices all across the UK, Toner Cartridge Shop have some of the best deals on the market. You can buy toner cartridges, inkjets, and even some office stationary! Because who doesn’t love a bit of stationary?

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