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How printing can help your business

As the age of technology has come with us full force, the printing world has seemed to be taking a step back. Within smaller business in particular, printing has been put on the backburner of many marketing strategies.


The digital world has definitely come with its advantages, and it is definitely not uncommon for people, and especially smaller businesses, to think that digital is the way to go. But as printing gurus, who have taken on the world of print and digital, we know inside out the reasons why printing should be greatly considered in your marketing efforts.


There are many reasons businesses still print today, and statistics show that the majority of business owners still print at least 4 times a day. Because nothing says “business as usual” as your printed guides, reports, posters, and the ever-wonderful colour charts! It is not something that will be taken out of the office for good any time soon. There is a reason why there is so much printing going on within the closed doors of a business, but nowadays this is not often seen as being reflected in their marketing.


Whilst having an online presence is of utmost importance for a business in the 21st century, it is also vital to keep it old school and professional. The benefits of digital marketing can come in many forms such as; being accessible at any time, it reaches far and wide, and it can be easily shared. The benefits of it are everything that print assets cannot do, but there are many benefits of print which are able to help your business in taking your marketing to another level, if you haven’t already. Here are 4 sure-fire ways to get your print marketing campaigns going.


The practical ways to use print to up your marketing strategy



Brochures have the power to stay with people for extended periods of time, because the “I’ll take a look at this later” mentality has, and will exist, for as long as we keep picking up brochures! The trick to the best printed brochures is to make sure your design stands out. Because other than when they first find the brochure, a digital brochure doesn’t have the ability to appear deep in a customer’s bag on a Tuesday night, just to be reminded of your services! And as hoarders, customers are likely to keep it, “just in case”.


Business cards

Business cards are one of the classics in the world of print. And even in a digital world, the majority (72%) of people will judge a business by its business cards. Making real life connections is an invaluable asset to your business, and even better when that potential client or customer can take away a part of you with them. A business card, while small and concise, can ensure to be a powerful asset of authority as well as professionalism.


Physical Mail

One of the most personal touches you can bring to advertising your business is directly contacting your customers. Although this can easily be done by email campaigns, how can you be sure that it is nor being glanced over and put in the junk folder as soon as it gets to them? The world of online has made a lot of things easier, including getting rid of things that may be irrelevant or not of interest. Having personalised a message which arrives at someone’s door step is now a rare message to send. So get creative, print it, and deliver it!


Adding print to you marketing can be a dynamic and practical way to up your business. And the right way of doing it is to find the balance between digital and print, because the old ways may be old, but they’re successful for a reason!


We’re not saying goodbye to printing any time soon, so make sure you take advantage of our amazing discounts, free gifts, and big brands to keep printing on!

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