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Identifying genuine, unused toner cartridges

As a Toner Cartridge supplier, over the years we have built a network of trusted suppliers of unused, out-of-box toner cartridges. However, we still carry out rigorous quality checks before we offer the cartridges for sale to ensure we offer our customers the best print product. We need to be completely sure that all cartridges have not been used before (even partially) and that they are genuine print products.
So, how can you tell if a toner cartridge has been previously used?
The most obvious way is by weight.
At Toner Cartridge Shop we handle thousands of toner cartridges every week and our quality team are expert at spotting a cartridge that is even slightly underweight! However, nothing is left to chance and unboxed cartridges are weighed, particularly if there are no other identifiers that the cartridge is unused.


What are other identifiers?
Some toner cartridges have pull-tabs – the majority of HP toner cartridges have pull-tabs. If the tab has been pulled, then there is a fair chance that it has been previously used. We often use the term ‘un-pulled’ to indicate that a cartridge is unused.

Toner Dust on Drum
Very easy to spot. Many used cartridges will show residual toner dust on the drum.
These are quite minute and not so easy to spot. Scratches are usually found on a tiny piece of metal at one end of the toner cartridge.


How can you tell if a toner cartridge is genuine?
Non-genuine or counterfeit toner cartridges can look almost identical to an original OEM product and that includes the packaging! This makes it increasingly difficult to spot a counterfeit. However, an inspection of the hologram or security seal (if it has one) will usually reveal its authenticity. Most counterfeit cartridges will not display exactly the same hologram or security seal as its genuine counterpart.
One major manufacturer also includes a tiny white dot on its boxes. The white dot is almost invisible as it is on a white background. If the dot is not present, then there’s every chance the product inside the box is a counterfeit.
Also, of course, most modern printers will display a message that tells you if the cartridge in the printer is not genuine – although it’s usually too late by then!

As toner cartridge providers, we can best advise you what to look out for when you purchase new toner cartridges to ensure they are genuine. Toner Cartridge Shop are dedicated to providing you with the best quality, genuine toner cartridges. Shop with us to ensure you get the best quality toner cartridges!

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