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The office printer is a beloved piece of equipment, it is often the saving grace when tight deadlines are looming and there is no time for a professional print job. However, it is also regularly out of mind when it comes to cleaning and maintenance – a common mistake made by every office, as a simple maintenance plan can help to improve the printer quality!

Constantly needing to purchase a new office printer is costly, no matter the scale of the company and can so easily be avoided! Uptaking regular maintenance can vastly improve the lifespan of a printer, keeping the beloved machine going for longer. It can be as simple as reducing the amount of printing completed within a day or wiping it down every month. Check out our top tips to keep your printer in full working order all year round.

Cleaning is key

Just like any other electrical appliance, printers require cleaning! The accumulation of dirt, paper dust and debris, and ink or toner spillage can have big impacts on the internal control mechanisms. The trusty printer only requires a clean once every few weeks, a simple process that takes no longer than five minutes and will improve the printer quality.

It is recommended that ink and toner cartridges are removed during cleaning, using a lint-free or damp cloth wipe the interior and exterior of the printer. For laser printers, it is important that the rollers are wiped down and the fuser is replaced per manufacturer’s requirements. Most printers now have an automatic cleaning function that cleans clogged ink heads, after carefully wiping down the machine use this function to finalise a more thorough internal cleansing. 

Use high-quality ink cartridges and paper

High-quality toner cartridges and paper make all the difference, not only does the final print job come out looking amazing but it also reduces the strain on your office printer. Cheap ink can often leak whilst in use, which in turn can cause malfunctions or the requirement to replace internal parts.

Remember to read all the documentation provided with the purchase of your printer, this will provide information to improve the printer quality whilst also dictating the recommended products compatible with the printer model and make. To enhance the longevity of cartridges, keep them sealed in the packaging until required for use. 

Just because a product is classified as high-quality doesn’t always mean high-price, view the huge range of discounted toner products in the TCS shop.

Use caution when replacing toner cartridges

For best care, replace toner or ink cartridges when it is low, not empty. Pushing the limits with the toner cartridge can cause unnecessary wear on the printer head – whilst regular replacement of cartridges can prevent damage. 

Be cautious when replacing the toner cartridge, the base of the cartridge must be never touched as this can reduce the quality of the finished print and can cause damage to the printer itself.

Use standby mode when not in use

Just like any other electrical appliance, leaving the office printer running 24/7 can cause strain on the machine resulting in it overheating, which in turn can lead to the ink cartridge drying out and potential clogging of the printer heads. At the end of every day, the printer must be switched to standby mode. 

Caution, turning the printer off regularly can also cause strain and utilises a lot of excess ink – find the happy medium by turning the product off over the weekend and use standby mode during the working week.

With a bit of love and care, your faithful office printer will live a longer, healthier life and continue to support the entire office’s needs!

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