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Inkjet VS Laser Printers

Office printing solutions made easy!

It can be challenging sourcing the perfect office printing solution, especially with the many varieties of printers currently on the market. To find the best solution for your office space, some key questions need to be considered – what is being printed, how often is the printer being used and what is the budget?

Know what to buy before you buy!

Providing high-quality printing solutions, inkjet and laser printers are most commonly recommended as the best office printing solution. To take the hard work out of the decision we have provided a breakdown between inkjet and laser printers, allowing you to make an informed decision when purchasing.

Inkjet printers

Inkjet printers are more commonly used in the home office or for small businesses as they are cheaper upfront, smaller in size and require less maintenance compared to a laser printer. However, while inkjet printers have a lower upfront cost the ink cartridges cost more and deliver fewer pages per cartridge, requiring replacement more frequently. 

Utilising water-based ink cartridges, inkjet printers smoothly bleed colours together to deliver more vibrant finish and output high-quality images at a gallery-quality standard. However, the use of liquid ink has led to inkjet printers being prone to documents smudging or fading if not properly dried before being collected from the printer. 

  • Best for low volume printing (16 pages per minute)
  • Prints high-quality images to a gallery standard
  • Small in size and light in weight
  • Minimum lifespan of 3 years

Laser printers

Delivering a higher output of printing in a shorter timeframe, laser printers are the winning choice for any demanding office space. While the upfront cost of a laser printer is more than it’s opponent – inkjet printer, the total spend required over the lifespan of the printer is much less.

Fast becoming more popular in the home, as well as in the office, laser printers are the more economical choice. Through the use of toner cartridges, a canister filled with fine powder rather than liquid, laser printers have the capabilities to print large qualities of black, white and coloured documents frequently. The cartridges can also be stored for longer as the lack of liquid means the risk of cartridges drying out when left unused is not a concern. 

  • Best for high-volume printing (up to 100 pages per minute)
  • Produces sharper text for black and white documents
  • Toner has a longer shelf life
  • Minimum lifespan of 5 years

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