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Reboxed toner cartridges have come into the market competitively, becoming a well-known hack for offices – buying repackaged original toner cartridges at lower costs with a promise of the same high-quality result. But thinking further than a good office deal, how do these repackaged toner cartridges help to reduce the carbon footprint of the toner industry?


As the original Amazon retailers of reboxed toner cartridges, we are familiar with the process of reboxing toner cartridges and how this has an effect on the greater environment. 


Most toner cartridges are manufactured in the Far East and sold into the UK, meaning the distance travelled to import these goods has already incurred a heavy carbon footprint. If products arrive damaged, the same process is repeated to send them back to the manufacturer for recycling – a process which racks up the carbon footprint even more. 


Further impacting the environment only one-third of all used toner cartridges actually go on to be recycled. Although some toner cartridge retailers do have their own recycling schemes, we have found that perfectly good toner cartridges in damaged boxes are finding themselves caught up in the recycling chain and even ending up in landfill when they could simply be re-sold in plain packaging



How do these toner cartridges end up being wrongly recycled or in landfill?


The reason that perfectly good toner cartridges end up being wrongly recycled or in landfill is that a lot of toner cartridge boxes may become damaged on the way to their suppliers. The packaging may become dented, scratched or torn and generally unpresentable to customers. Meaning that they cannot be sold in the original packaging 



Our solution 


A simple solution to preventing toner cartridges from contributing to a bigger carbon footprint for the toner industry is to simply rebox the original toner cartridge into a plain packaged box, and put into the market for re-sale!


Part of our missions at Toner Cartridge Shop is to source and procure these unused toner cartridges in the UK and EU before they enter the recycling chain or end up in landfill. These unboxed cartridges are then subjected to a stringent quality control examination at the Toner Cartridge Shop warehouse facility in the UK before they are re-boxed in plain, non-branded packaging for sale to our customers.


So whilst you are next shopping for your office toner cartridges , make sure you go with environmentally conscious suppliers and purchase plain packaged toner cartridges!

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