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We assume that the majority of toner cartridges sold into the UK have already incurred a heavy carbon footprint due to the distance travelled from point of manufacture to the UK consumer. Most toner cartridges are manufactured in the Far East and shipped to various locations throughout the world including the UK.
This process is repeated when used toner cartridges are then returned to the original manufacturer for recycling – a process which racks up the carbon footprint even more.
However, increasing the carbon footprint on a used toner cartridge is preferable to the toner cartridge ending up in landfill. Apparently, less than a third of all used cartridges go on to be recycled and that if the annual quantity of cartridges that aren’t reused or recycled were lay end to end, they would stretch all the way around the planet twice!
Most manufacturers now have recycling schemes for their used toner cartridges, however, we have found that a lot of unused toner cartridges, which are in perfectly good working order, are finding their way into the same recycling chain. So, although it is better for the unused toner cartridge to be recycled than landfilled, how much better that the unused toner cartridge is put back into the market for re-sale! This would then reduce the amount of carbon utilised in shipping it back to the Far East.
It is our mission at Toner Cartridge Shop to source and procure these unused toner cartridges before they enter the recycling chain or, even worse, end up in landfill. We can then offer our customers these genuine products at discounted prices whilst trying to reduce any unnecessary acceleration in the carbon footprint.
These toner cartridges are packaged in plain boxes although the toner cartridge inside the plain box is an original, genuine product.
All our toner cartridge boxes are made from surplus flat board which is procured from a local paper mill. The flat board is classified as waste and is a result of over-runs, cutting the wrong size or having a slight warp. The board is manually re-engineered and made into boxes for our toner cartridges. And, of course, all the toner cartridge boxes are recyclable.

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