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Toner Cartridge Printing Hacks

An office printer running out of toner may be classified as one of the biggest annoyances that can be faced in an office environment… Along with the ever growing pile of dirty coffee mugs, and your coworker making you a milk with a bit of tea.


But how do you get those pie charts and tenders printed in time when you’re running low on toner? Here are some last minute hacks that you can use to show off your toner cartridge knowledge at the office. Because everyone admires a co-worker that can get those colour charts printed on time.


Toner cartridge hack #1 – The cotton swab

You may get dried out ink. It happens. But we have a handy little trick to get your printer back on track! All it involves is 1) A cotton swab, and 2) Rubbing alcohol.


You can gently stroke the surface of the cartridge with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. This will remove the dry ink and will begin the flow of the ink underneath.


Toner cartridge hack #2 – Get rid of those foreign particles!

You wouldn’t expect Toner Cartridge Shop to sound like a nagging parent, but you ought to clean, clean, and clean. Cleaning your printer for the sake of your toner cartridge will allow your toner to keep working to its best ability.


How exactly do I clean a printer for the sake of my toner cartridges?    

You can gently stroke the surface of the cartridge with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. This will remove the dry ink and will begin the flow of the ink underneath.


Make sure that the exterior of your printer stays clean! There is a likely chance that your office printer is gathering a bit of dust. Simply wiping off the dust will make sure that no foreign particles go into your printer or toner cartridge.


Toner cartridge hack #3 – Picky on paper…

Make sure your paper is appropriate and clean! Getting the right type of paper for your printer and the best for toner cartridges will help better quality of printing. Make sure your printing paper is unabsorbent, as it may cause jams otherwise!


Toner cartridge hack #4 – Print! Print! Print!

Even if it’s printing a test page every week will allow your printer to stay fit for printing high quality. Turning on your printer will allow the printer to kickstart and keep itself fresh, whilst making sure your toner cartridges don’t dry out.


Toner cartridge hack #5 – Draft modeToner cartridge hack

Using draft mode on your computer for your printing can allow you to extend the life of your toner cartridges. Draft mode is essentially the printer giving you a “draft” of what you are planning to print. This works well when you wish to print something that is not particularly important, it will be quick, easy, and it will save you some toner!


How do I get to draft mode?


You can find draft mode by going to: Settings → Hardware and Sound → Printers and Faxes → Right click your printer → Printing preferences → Drop down box “Quality: Draft” → Ok!


Then your printer should be ready to go!


Toner cartridge hack #6 – The very last printing resort

Sometimes, you do run out of toner, it is an inevitable office annoyance. These are the things you can do in case of a toner printing emergency:


  • Consider shaking the toner cartridge and putting it back in.
  • Or you could simply order from Toner Cartridge Shop, who do free next business day delivery! Because we understand printing disasters.


An office printer may not be an office pet, but definitely deserves some care in order to keep it functioning at its highest standards. Make sure you have the best toner cartridges from Toner Cartridge Shop and give your office the best toner to print!

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