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What are repackaged toner cartridges?

Learn the secret to scoring the best price on toner cartridges

Toner Cartridge Shop began as the first traders on Amazon selling original, repackaged toner cartridges. After successfully selling over 2,000 plain boxed toner cartridges per year, Toner Cartridge Shop was set up to provide offices UK-wide with original, high quality, repackaged toner cartridges.

What is a repackaged toner cartridge?

A repackaged toner cartridge is the same original brand toner cartridge whose packaging has been damaged during transit, leaving the physical toner cartridge completely untouched and undamaged, for example, the box was dented or the information was scratched off during transit. For the purpose of reselling the product, original brand toner cartridges are put in non-branded, plain packages.

Why shop repackaged toner cartridges?

Repackaged toner cartridges are the same high-quality toners in a plain, non-branded box, but why should offices invest in these repackaged toners? Offices can often get the best deals from repackaged toner cartridges, including lower costs for the same high-quality products, and a positive reputation for being environmentally friendly when purchasing office supplied.

Lower Cost

Repackaged toner cartridges often come at a considerably lower cost than the original boxed toners. With Toner Cartridge Shop, the same genuine products are often sold at a much cheaper price than those of competitors. All of the repackaged toner cartridges are at least 15% off, but often go way beyond!


Proudly maintaining a vast procurement network throughout the UK and EU, Toner Cartridge Shop strives to purchase and sell plain packaged original, genuine printer cartridges. The unboxed toner cartridges are subject to an in-house stringent quality control examination in the UK. With full approval and a guarantee on quality the branded toner cartridges are repackaged in plain, non-branded boxes ready for re-sale.

When selling products on Amazon, 99% of Toner Cartridge Shop customers were unconcerned about the plain packaging and were very pleased with the price and quality of the toner cartridge. Being the same high-quality genuine products from the brands that are well-known and trust, including HP, Canon, Lexmark and Brother, just to name a few, but packaged in a plain box, ensuring customers don’t miss on the quality mark.

Preventing landfill 

Damaged toner cartridge boxes, together with the toner cartridge packaged inside, often end up in landfill or are shipped back to the original place of manufacture, contributing to the global waste build-up that takes many years to break down and contributing towards producing a greater amount greenhouse gases. Read more about how repackaged toner cartridges help to save the environment!

Cross-referencing prices with the products on Amazon, Toner Cartridge Shop ensure the delivery of premium products at the lowest prices for complete customer satisfaction. Shop online today to get the best deals on the same quality toner cartridges at the lower prices!

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